Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

Answer These Three Questions:

  1. Is the current soft market eating away at your agency?
  2. Is your agency revenue down?
  3. Have you lost access to Markets?

If you answered yes, we may have a solution to help you and your agency!

One of the fastest areas of growth we have experienced is that of insurance agency mergers and acquisitions. While our business is constantly focused on organic growth, we are equally focused on growth by acquiring top quality local insurance agencies throughout the entire state of Mississippi. We can help provide access to markets in both standard and non-standard auto, multiple homeowner carriers and numerous national commercial insurance companies.

We are currently looking for opportunities to work with agency owners and agents who are considering a change in their ownership status. As an independent insurance agency owner or an insurance agent working for a direct writer insurance company you may find yourself considering a change. Change in our industry is a natural thing. We find the reasons an owner may be considering a merge or sell of their insurance agency business can be very different from one owner to the next.

Some common reasons you may be considering a sell of your agency may include:

  • Ownership responsibilities have become burdensome;
  • You’re not doing what you love anymore, selling insurance to your clients;
  • Limited support staff;
  • Increased carrier production requirements;
  • Earning less commissions while doing more work;
  • Limited availability of high quality insurance carriers;
  • Shrinking client base; Shrinking agency revenue;
  • Agency succession or perpetuation;
  • Transition into retirement;

We successfully acquire insurance agencies and we continue to look to bring more local operations under our MarketPlace 4 Insurance umbrella of companies.

Our agency acquisition program can be set up in many different ways to accommodate your future plans. You’ll fine we can help you with your agency succession planning and strategies. Consider these points:

  • Do you want to stay active in the business?
  • Are you looking to work part time?
  • Are you planning to retire?
  • Or maybe you’re looking for a way to bring a family member into the business…

So if you have an interest in learning more about our acquisition program, or would like to discuss selling your insurance agency or your book of clients, make sure you give us a call!

We’re confident our experience in mergers and acquisitions will help make your transition easier.

For a confidential discussion or to gain more information please contact Adam Herring by email at: email address

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